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A Parents Guide – The Best Family Games on Xbox Games Pass to Play as a Family This Summer

School’s out for summer! That’s a refrain that your kids likely will be singing for a couple of days, right before they launch into “We’re bored!” or “It’s too hot to go outside!” Trust us, we get it: you’ve got them signed up for summer camps and fun activities galore, but there comes a time when you just need to let them enjoy some quality gaming time at home. Well, we here at Xbox have got you covered thanks to Xbox Game Pass. You may already know that Xbox...

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How parents can help with gaming addiction in children

This post was originally posted on The Motherhood which is a parenting blog run by Vicky from Games Life.

Early 2018 I was pulling my hair out as a parent and doubting myself on a daily basis. There was a monster living in the house with me, and I am not talking about Nathan, I am talking about Fortnite, the game that took over my son’s life.  It is now one year on, and I am very pleased to say that the addiction to this game has somewhat waned.  But,...

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Fortnite – Gaming Addiction in Children

This post was first published on The Motherhood which is a parenting blog run by Vicky from Games Life

It was December 2017 when my son, Nathan, started playing Fortnite. I was fed up of the sitting room being hogged by video games on the Xbox that for his Christmas I redecorated his bedroom and moved the console into his room. I was recovering from being in hospital and having the sofa and TV to myself was a bit of a luxury. But I made one of the biggest...

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