About Games Life

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Games Life is a blog, news site, gaming streaming and vlog channel, created by Vicky – a parenting blogger from The Motherhood with a love of gaming and tech. With over nine years experience in blogging and a further twelve years industry experience in marketing and social media management, her first business funded by The Princes Trust, was launched in 2000 organising LAN parties in the West Midlands, launching around the same time as the Insomnia gaming events, but being a much smaller event, with up to 100 people playing FPS games.

At first, The Motherhood was just an online space to discuss motherhood and the funny experiences Vicky had with her son, Nathan, while he was growing up.  Over the last couple of years, things have grown and developed, at quite a rapid rate. The site has undergone expansion and we are now developing Games Life due to developing collaborations with well-known companies.

The main content writers of Games Life are;

Vicky – Covers latest industry news, the lifestyle side of gaming with advice and guidance for parents and those suffering from cyberbullying, mobile gaming, family gaming, and gaming events.

Nathan – Covers console gaming with streaming via Mixer and Facebook. Nathan also works on games reviews as well as merch and collectibles.

Gavin – Covers topics such as tech and gadgets, PC gaming, computer tech, audio/visual accessories, and anything geeky. Gavin covers more hardcore PC gaming and developments, as well as information on industry news to do with hardware developments and test benching.

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