Join us for our 24 hour charity live stream!

24 hour live stream

Gavin and I are doing a mad, crazy thing and we hope that you will support us. We are undertaking a 24 hour Game-a-thon and live stream on Friday 12th June to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and Research.

It is a charity I have supported for many years and one that seems more fitting now as I am undergoing tests and such for Lymphoma. Due to the pandemic, I have been put on a watch and wait list as starting any new course of treatment or having lymph nodes removed at this time could be risky. I just have to live with Mr Lumpy a bit longer till I know exactly what he is and if he has send his bad self to other areas of my body!

Please join us for what is bound to be 24 hours of fun, starting from 6pm on 12th June.  Full details will be posted soon.

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